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Corona Cash Crunch!

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Corona Cash Crunch!

We are trying to keep our doors open. It's sad to be in the house when it is empty! It's eerie and strange. And we have very few staff people there, as we are aware of many reasons they need to be home with their families.  SO! If you are in a position to help us, you can get a great deal!

Please email or call us to buy a gift certificate for a future stay. We are selling these for $100 for a room for two with private bath any night for twelve months after date of issue.

There are some nights in the future when that gc will be worth $350!

Show some love to your locals, wherever you are.

We look forward to seeing you again, on the other side...

Stay well, and be kind to each other and yourselves.


Terms and Conditions

No black out dates.  Good through 12/31/20 or possibly longer.

Can ONLY be used with direct bookings, not third party bookings.