Our Favorite March Events

Harvard Spring

It’s almost safe to say that winter is over; we cannot guarantee it but we sure are hopeful! To celebrate the coming of Spring we’ve put together a list of some great events in the area.  

March Events

March 4: The Brattle Theatre Oscar Party

A fundraiser for the Brattle Film Foundation including a silent auction combined with a watching party. Does it get better than that? Members only though! Sign up and join the fun.

March 10: The Girls day at MIT Museum

Explore environmental science while women in STEM fields.

March 11: Israel Folkdance Festival

This is an annual showcase of Israeli and Jewish dance and takes place each year at MIT.

March 14-18: The Boston Flower Show

Spring really is coming and so is an even entirely about flowers and gardening!

March 18: St Patrick’s Day Parade

What else is there to say? Boston loves St Patrick’s Day. Come see why!

March 18-23 and 25-30: Dine out Boston (and Cambridge!)

Dine Out is the perfect time to try some of Cambridge’s best restaurants at a fantastic price.

March 30-31: …That’s what she said at The Dance Complex

A dance production that is focused on the idea of womanhood

Check out the links for more information and ticketing for all of the events. Is there an event you want to tell us about? Let us know!