It’s Cold Outside!

Snow, oh no!

Irving House staff isn’t fully comprised of New England natives. Some of us have had to learn how to cope with the brutal winters. So if you’re coming to visit Cambridge during the cold months and keep looking at the weather app on your phone wondering how you’ll survive, know that you are not alone.

How to survive the New England cold

The first tip in managing the cold is to accept it. Once you’ve done that remember that layers are your friend! Long johns and thermal undershirts will help. Under a heavy coat, have a sweater (or two) on.  Don’t forget hats, gloves and cozy socks! No one in New England will care if you have a down feather coat that is puffy and down to your ankles.  In fact, we will look at you as “one of us”.

If your hands in particularly tend to get extra cold, pick up some hand warmers. These neat packs heat up as you shake and move them around.

The wind chill is no laughing matter, especially if you’re anywhere near the river or ocean. Not only does it generally not feel great, the combination of cold and wind can wreak havoc on your skin. Moisturizer and lip balm will save the day! Fortunately, if you forget to pack lotion a quick stop at the front desk will resolve that problem.

Irving House is here to help!

At the end of it all, know that you have a warm and welcoming place to come back to at Irving House. Coffee and tea is served all day. Extra blankets are available if you need them.

We know that many people coming to the area during winter are coming for work, not pleasure. We promise to make your stay as enjoyable as possible!