Sunshine Calls for Cambridge Parks

Did you know that Cambridge has more than 70 public parks? It’s great being in a city with so many green spaces. If you’re looking to take a nice stroll nearby Irving House or if you’re traveling with children who need to let out some energy, we have the perfect recommendations for you.

Our Favorite Cambridge Parks

Cambridge Common

Located near Harvard Square, this 16 acre park is also a National Historic Landmark. This gigantic park hosts a playground, lawns, historic monuments, and trails for cycling or walking.


Harvard Yard

Though not technically a park, the green area in the oldest part of the Harvard campus is a great place to walk around or sit with some coffee or to have a picnic.


Charles River Bike Path

Not just a bike path, this scenic stretch along the Charles River is also great for walking.


Fresh Pond Reservation

Though a bit further out, the Fresh Pond Reservation is a unique park surrounding a pond used for the city’s reservoir system. Fresh Pond is great for running, cycling, and bird watching.


University Park Commons

Located on the MIT campus, University Park Commons has paved sidewalks leading to many art pieces and sculptures.


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