To enhance the wonderful Emerald Necklace, a green space that winds its way around Boston, artist Fujiko Nakaya has created five fog installations.  Shows go on every hour on the hour, in most of those sites also every hour on the half hour.  Each place becomes more magical, inviting slowness and stillness.  8am to 8pm […]

Fog x Flo

Gift certificates to local restaurants can be yours if you stay with us more than 3 nights and book directly!
Are you a savvy traveler? For your last reservation, did you book directly? Sad Story: This morning I arrived at work to hear that we may have a problem with a guest arriving in a few days.  This person booked through a travel agent and requested a room with a king-sized bed.  We do not […]

Savvy Travelers Book directly

Just as the weather should be getting better and better, we have yet another great film festival happening in nearby Somerville.  The great thing about the Somerville Theatre is that it is in Davis Square, just a short subway ride from Irving House, AND Davis Square has quite a few really good restaurants so you […]

Irish Film Festival? Yup!