Directions to Irving House from the Harvard Square T station.  Exit the Red Line stop at Harvard Square, heading for Church Street.  Take the left stair case.  You will be emerging at Harvard Yard.  Enter the Yard and take the left bearing diagonal path across the Yard and out again.  You will be standing in front of the Science Center.  Take the path along the right side of Memorial Hall (looks like a church).  When you are on the street again, it is Cambridge Street.  Walk along Cambridge  Street for two blocks and you will see Irving Street on your left.

#24 is the first house on the right.

Public Transportation Information

Logan Airport

Parking: There is a small lot adjacent to Irving House where guests can park for no extra charge. Space is limited, and we do not reserve spaces. If you have a choice of car, choose as small a vehicle as you can.

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Irving House At Harvard
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