Our August 2021 Newsletter, The Irving House Gazette, was sent to our more than 5,000 subscribers.  You can subscribe to this occasional newsletter with news of Irving House, of Our Fair City, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Special Offers for discounts or packaged goodies.  We do not share our subscriber list, and you can opt out any time.  We send this newsletter on the Equinoxes and Solstices, but also occasionally in the months in between.  Here is the cover letter to August’s Gazette:

August 2021

“August of another summer, and once again,
I am drinking the sun, and the lilies again
are spread across the water.”

– Mary Oliver.

 Hello Dear Readers,
            The season feels closer to normal than we have felt in some time.  We have now hired five Harding House employees and a prepandemic Irving House employee has also returned.  Our ranks are replenished just in time for the busy season we had hoped for!  Yes, every day we recover a little more.
               We have guests who are already checking on their May, 2022 reservation requests, though we don’t work on that until next month.  But the list of requests is growing! (If you want to stay with us in May 2022 for any commencement events, please contact us SOON!)  And we are going to send out a mailing to offices where we know there has been a turnover of staff and the newbies need to know of us.
      The visits from our long time loyal guests are the most fun, especially when those guests tell me how much they enjoy this newsletter.  Thank you, Dear Readers!  It doesn’t take much encouragement to get around to this next issue..But while I have been working on some in-house improvements and the flow of these staffing changes, we got a lovely story from our guests–a timely read for you!
    I hope you enjoy the story and watch the Paralympics!