Rachael Solem


Sometimes it’s just nice to recognize the little stories that happen at Irving House, especially with our guests.  These occasionally find their way into the Gazette, but three just happened in the past few weeks and deserve a little place here.

And then there was this email from a guest that mystifies me, but may be appropriate to this particular week…of ghosts and goblins!

Hi Rachael,

I had stayed at Harding House several times on business trips and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was happy to stay at Irving House a couple weeks ago for the first time on a business trip and wanted to report some strange occurrences in my room.  I hesitated to bring this to your attention but thought you should know, in case you have heard of this before (or hear of this again).  I stayed in Room 207.  On my last night, Oct. 12th, I woke up around 4am with the sound of something shaking on my side dresser.  I am a very light sleeper, so I was startled and turned on the light right away.  The drinking glass on my side table was shaking and stopped.  I was shocked by this, and just sat there for minutes with the light on.  Then, the bottom of my bed started to bang (I heard loud banging noises from beneath it) and the very bottom was shaking, as if someone was banging a hammer underneath it.  I literally thought there was an earthquake happening.  I stayed up from that point on, and just got ready to leave. When I checked out and asked the older gentleman at the front desk, he said there were no reports of an earthquake (or any construction for that matter).  I checked on the internet and there were no reports of a mild earthquake in Cambridge. 

 I’m not a believer in ghosts myself, but what I saw with my own eyes was bizarre.  I don’t know if you’ve had reports of paranormal activity at Irving House but wanted to bring this to your attention.  Everyone there was extremely hospitable. I lost a lot of sleep that night and have no rational explanation for what happened, but wanted to let you know about the incident.