Rachael Solem


Sprouts under dead leaves
sturdy, determined, waiting. . .
Rebirth always comes.
Hello Dear Reader,
  A guest who bought five (!) Corona Cash Crunch gift certificates just stopped my my desk this morning.  She had been a guest at Harding House and wanted to support us.  Though the CCC gift certificates were to expire within twelve months of purchase, we have extended them whenever asked.
  We are truly grateful to those guests who made their faith in us manifest in dollars when we most needed those dollars.   And she is happy to be here in the melting snow and warming sun.  We are happy to accommodate her!
  Last year for the Vernal Equinox edition of this Gazette we honored the housekeepers of Irving House.  Now several of our most tenured of them have retired.  Most recently this circle includes, Tsetan, a Tibetan who arrived from India in the year 2000.
She came to Irving House through our network of Tibetan emigres speaking  very little English, a mother of six young children.  She and her husband were able to buy a house, send their children to college and just before she retired, she became a US citizen.
This is a big deal in two ways.  As a Tibetan, she had no official nationality until this occurred and could only travel on a visa supplied by the Indian government.  Tsetan had not traveled to India to see her mother for more than twenty years, and she is there now.  The reason for her retirement is even more fun: she is about to become a grandmother and will be caring for her grandchild very soon.
I miss her.  She is kind, smart, cheerful, funny, generous, and hard working.  We all wish her well and hope to see her when we can all gather later in the spring.

Meanwhile, know that our network of housekeepers is drawing in new and younger talent, being trained by our long term housekeepers.Onward!Rachael

What do you think of this trend?

Hotels limiting housekeeping services

Early in the pandemic we did limit housekeeping services for the safety of both guests and housekeepers. But we have returned to our long held standards of daily service in all rooms. We would be very interested to hear from you whether you would like the usual, or you are not comfortable having housekeepers in your room for COVID or other concerns. If you wish to share your thoughts, please email our General Manager, Briana Pearson at [email protected].
We will take all responses into consideration and give you all an update in future issues of the Irving House Gazette.Thank you!
Our gardener, Allie of Two of a Pear with some spring plantings.
So happy to see her in this season!

photos by Zoia Krastanova

Harvard Square is honoring women~

We are very pleased to be in such good company, well, mostly good company….

Banksy at The Coop
Now through May 15 at 12 Palmer Street in Harvard Square.
These pieces are from private collections, rarely seen by the public.The DocYard
An award-winning documentary film festival with showings on Monday nights at The Brattle Theater

Looking to save money with gas prices?
Carpool getaways: If you book two rooms but bring only one car, we will include gift certificates to some of our favorite venues for music, movies or dining!
Of course, you must book directly with us, and note this offer so we can put your package together.
Note the term “Carpool” when you book your rooms by email or phone!

Special restaurant offers


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