Thanks Giving Pies

Thanks Giving Pies


Thanks Giving Pies

Spend Thanksgiving at Irving House, and we will buy you a pie to bring to your celebratory feast!

As always at Irving House, we support our local community which includes Community Servings.  In past years, their long standing fund raiser, Pie in the Sky has recruited bakers from all over Greater Boston to donate pies to this event.  This year, the model has changed.  Community Servings itself will bake pies, apple and pecan, for those who want pies for their own feasts.  But the emphasis this year is on giving pies to Community Servings' clients, a virtual pie...Pie in the Sky uses each pie purchase to help feed critically ill neighbors and their families. Sleep easy knowing that your purchase helped to make someone else's holiday complete.

Enter the code PIES into "RATE OPTIONS" when booking.


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Permitted Dates
  • Nov 1 - Nov 25