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Our Fabulous Guests

Sometimes it’s just nice to recognize the little stories that happen at Irving House, especially with our guests.  These occasionally find their way into the Gazette, but three just happened in the past few weeks and deserve a little place here. Boston Marathoner Jonathan Howse stayed with us in [...]

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Localist News

Senator Amy Klobuchar led a symposium recently on reining in the power of monopolies.  This was organized by several different groups: The Access To Markets Coalition, Small Business Majority, Small Business Rising, American Economic Liberties Project, and the American Independent Business Alliance. Here is the testimony I gave at this event, [...]

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Gazette Fall Equinox 2021

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree. ~Emily Bronte 21.09.22 Hello Dear Readers,  Cooler nights, lots of rain, and many clear, crisp autumn days cheer our spirits.  Our little corner of the world is still lovely just now.  It leaves us feeling unreasonably lucky and very grateful.   Visitors [...]

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Irving House Gazette August 2021

Our August 2021 Newsletter, The Irving House Gazette, was sent to our more than 5,000 subscribers.  You can subscribe to this occasional newsletter with news of Irving House, of Our Fair City, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Special Offers for discounts or packaged goodies.  We do not share our subscriber list, and you [...]

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Irving House Gazette, Summer Solstice 2021

21.06.20 Just walking around Harvard Square now feels more congenial, lively, inviting.  Nearly 70% of Massachusetts residents are fully vaccinated; cases and hospitalizations are down to levels not seen since early March 2020.  Revels is hosting a Boston Harbor Cruise this evening.  Club Passim is opening up again with Ellis Paul tonight!  At Henrietta’s [...]

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Earth Day 1970

Earth Day 1970 I was in tenth grade, not far from Central Park where the gathering was enormous, the biggest I had ever been in. From Central Park to the Village, the streets were closed to vehicles, full of people, banners, a giant earth ball floating above us. We walked from [...]

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The Boston Marathon

20.03.01 Boston Marathon Sadly the Boston Marathon has been called off, after having been rescheduled to September for the first time in its history.  We hope to see this wonderful event return in April 2021. Marathon Monday – Race Information The Third Monday in April, Patriots’ Day in the Commonwealth of [...]

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Why The Turtle?

20.02 Why the turtle? You might ask. A turtle, for a guesthouse? Why not a pineapple, the symbol of hospitality? When our partnership was just forming thirty years ago, we contemplated the size of the property we were looking to buy, the ungainliness, the squirrelly layout. The house was a hotel, [...]

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